Why should I understand my Medicare health coverage options?

There are different ways to obtain Medicare benefits. It is important to understand that your Medicare health options because the way you choose to receive your Medicare benefits will affect the care you receive. For example, depending on how you get your benefits, you may only be able to see certain doctors and you may have to receive permission before you can access certain health care services.

If you know more about how Original Medicare Part A & Part B and Medicare Advantage plans can work, you will be better equipped to choose the option that meets your financial and medical needs.

If you understand how different plans work, you will have a better understanding of plan rules for when and where you can get care. Understanding when and when you can use your plan greatly affects how much you may pay for services. When reviewing your Medicare health plan coverage options, it is especially important to check whether you will be covered to go to your preferred providers (i.e., hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies of your choice) and/or whether you need to receive official permission from the plan, which is known as prior authorization, before your services will be covered.

By understanding your Medicare health plan coverage options, you can save money! Knowing your options will make it easier when finding a plan that meets your financial and medical needs. Working with a licensed insurance agent to review your current plan and exploring your coverage options, can be beneficial, especially if you’re unsure of how plans may affect your budget and future doctor visits.

If you understand your coverage options and choose well, you will have better coverage throughout the year. In most cases, you can only change how you receive Medicare benefits at certain times of the year. Because of this, it is especially important to make careful Medicare health plan coverage choices.

If you would like to review your current coverage and explore your options contact Medicare Pathways. We will help you review your current plan and provide the knowledge you need to make the best decision possible regarding how you receive your Medicare benefits. Call us at 866-466-9118 to learn more now!