Medicare’s Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is an essential part of beginning your Medicare coverage. Whether you plan to retire at age 65 or wait until later, it’s imperative you understand your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period.

Here what you need to know:

  • IEP is the time to enroll in Medicare parts A, B, and D. Part A and Part B are also known as Original Medicare (your hospital and medical coverage), and Part D is your prescription drug coverage.
  • Enrollment begins three months before your 65th birthday and ends three months following – for a total of seven months including your birth month.
  • If you’re not receiving Social Security Benefits or RRB benefits, you must sign up for Original Medicare, otherwise, you’re automatically enrolled in coverage. Most people get Medicare Part A without a monthly premium but do have to pay a premium for Part B.
  • If you don’t plan to retire at age 65, you can delay your Part B coverage. You may want to delay Part B if you’re paying for an employer-sponsored insurance plan and want to avoid the Part B premium.
  • If you’re approaching your 65th birthday, mark your calendar now so you’re ready to enroll when you become eligible (during your IEP.)

Getting started with your Medicare coverage can seem overwhelming. Medicare Pathways is here to help guide you through this confusing time and we have plenty of resources to help you make a choice that meets your medical and financial needs. Before you sign up, don’t forget to give us a call and schedule an over-the-phone visit to ensure you don’t overpay for a policy! Give us a call today at 866-466-9118!