Do you have dental, vision and hearing insurance?

With age, the need for dental, vision and hearing checkups and corrections are crucial. While Original Medicare does not cover preventive dental, vision or hearing, Medicare Pathways can help you. There are many Medicare Health Plans or supplemental products available to ensure you pass through underwriting and provide coverage assistance for certain treatments, medications, and much more!

If you feel like you do not need dental, vision and hearing coverage, you could be costing yourself more money than you need to. Putting off your preventative checkups and normal health care for your eyes, ears, and teeth is never an option. Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans, also known as Part C, offer the same coverage as Original Medicare, but more! Many of the plans include coverage for dental and vision care.

Original Medicare does not cover routine eye exams that are needed to get a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, but Original Medicare Part B does cover some preventative, surgical and diagnostic eye exams. It covers yearly eye exams, but only for those who have diabetes. It covers glaucoma tests for beneficiaries who are at high risk for glaucoma. Original Medicare Part B also covers those beneficiaries diagnosed with Macular degeneration and have undergone cataract surgery.

Original Medicare Part B covers diagnostic hearing and balance exams if your doctor or healthcare provider orders these tests to see that you need to go through with medical treatment. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover hearing aids or fittings and the exams needed to qualify for hearing aids.

Medicare does not cover most dental care, such as cleanings, fillings, and tooth extractions. Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans, however, can cover a lot of dental care procedures. Medicare Advantage plans more times than none require their clients to use doctors or health care providers that are within the specific plan’s network.

Getting the proper care for teeth, eyes, and hearing are important to living a healthy life. Gum disease can have a negative and profound impact on other parts of your body and can cause health complications like stroke and heart disease. Your eyes and hearing are your guides to living life safely and to your full ability. Keep them all in check and great, healthy condition by going to your appointments regularly.

Additionally, there are supplemental plans that offer great coverages for dental, vision, and hearing. Plan benefits include but are not limited to coverage for x-rays, cleanings, root canals, extractions, laser eye surgery, contacts, annual exams, hearing aids, hearing exams, and much more.

While it may seem like much work and can be a bit confusing, we at Medicare Pathways can help find the perfect plan in your area to get you covered for dental, vision, and hearing. For more information and on what plans we offer, give us a call at 866-466-9118. By contacting that number, you will be connected with a licensed insurance agent.