After signing up for Original Medicare Part B, you will receive what is called a “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit within the first 12-months. During the visit, you and your doctor will review your medical and social history. You will also receive counseling and education about preventive services. This visit is covered only once, and this visit is not the same as your Wellness visits. These services include:

  • A calculation of your body mass index
  • A simple vision test
  • A review of your potential risk for depression and your level of safety
  • A written plan letting you know which screenings, shots, and other preventive services you may need
  • An offer to talk with you about creating advance directives
  • Certain screenings, shots, and referrals for other care, if needed
  • Height, weight, and blood pressure measurements

Once you’ve been on Original Medicare Part B for more than 12 months, you will receive a Wellness visit.  Your initial visit is more of a conversation between you and your doctor. During this visit, you will review your medical history including medications, immunizations, and any existing health problems. This setting is a great opportunity to express any concerns about health issue you might have. Your doctor will want you to complete a “Health Risk Assessment. By the end of the visit, you, in partnership with your doctor, should have a clear picture of your personal and family medical history. All of this information will be used to create a defensive plan for any health problems. Coverage for the Wellness visit is once every 12 months (11 months must have passed since the last visit).

Listed below are some of the services your doctor might perform or recommend you to get:

  • A list of risk factors and treatment options for you
  • A screening schedule (checklist) for appropriate preventive services.
  • Advance care planning
  • Creating or updating a list of current providers and prescriptions
  • Detection of any cognitive impairment
  • Height, weight, blood pressure, and other routine measurements
  • Personalized health advice

You will need to being:

  • A list of all your medications, including vitamins and supplements
  • Your healthcare providers (doctors, pharmacists, therapists, home health agencies
  • Immunization records

For both visits, you will not have any out of pocket expense as long as your doctor(s) accepts assignment. However, if your doctor performs services or tests at the time of the visit that are not covered under the preventive benefits, coinsurance and the Medicare Part B deductible could apply.

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