Medicare Pathways takes pride in the fact that its highly qualified, skilled, and trained Benefit Specialists follow strict compliance and do not involve themselves in unfair practices regarding the sale of any type of insurance policies.  However, there are occasions that insurance agents do take advantage of certain situations and stretch the legal limits and participate in unfair practices.  Medicare Pathways wants you to be aware of these unfair practices and protect yourself. 

What are Unfair Insurance Practices?

Specifically, unfair insurance practices by agents and companies include engaging in the following practices:

  • Knowingly making misleading statements to encourage you to drop a policy and buy a replacement from another company.
  • Using high-pressure tactics, including the use of force, fright, or threat to pressure you into buying a policy.
  • Obtaining sales leads through advertising that hides the fact that an agent or company may try to sell you insurance.
  • Using misleading advertisements made to look like mail from the government by using eagles or similar graphics or a return address with a name that sounds like an official government agency or bureau.
  • Posing as a representative of Medicare or a government agency.
  • Selling you a Medicare Supplement (also known as “Medigap”)  policy that duplicates original Medicare benefits or health insurance coverage you already have. An agent is required to review and compare your other health coverages.
  • Suggesting that you falsify an application.

Protect Yourself by Being Aware of Any Unfair Insurance Practices! 

While very similar to a prior blog entitled discussing Illegal Medicare Insurance Sales Tactics, the above identified acts are more frequent and perhaps more frequently abused.  Do not hesitate to report someone that you believe is using unfair insurance practices.  Insurance agents, often referred to as “producers”, are required to pass tests that certify their knowledge of not only the insurance sales, but also the right from the wrong when it comes to transacting insurance.  

Rest assured a Medicare Pathways Benefit Specialists will not conduct themselves in any unfair insurance practices and will work with you to ensure that you are purchasing the insurance that best fits your needs, and is the insurance plan that you want.  Medicare Pathways specializes in Medicare insurance, including but not limited to, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans.  We also can help with vision, hearing and dental insurance and final expense.  Contact Medicare Pathways today to discuss your insurance needs and options by calling 1-866-466-9118.  You can also Request a Quote and a Benefit Specialist will contact you.

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