Once again there has been New Scam Targeting Seniors reported that is involving seniors, and mostly seniors living alone.  Medicare Pathways is very involved in taking care of seniors and their Medicare insurance (i.e., Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans) and becomes very concerned when we hear of individuals trying to scam seniors.  When we hear a Scam Alert Targeting Seniors involving our clients, or our potential clients, we want to make every effort to alert the individuals who are a target of the scam.  In this case the scam targeting seniors. 

Scam Targeting Seniors:  Details of Scam

WSAZ news reported Friday, January 25, 2013, that a Scam Alert had been issued that involves individuals approaching houses that are occupied by seniors, some living alone, wanting to come inside the home to demonstrate a carpet cleaner and/or a vacuum cleaner.  In some cases, the individuals have offered to clean the carpet for free with no obligations to purchase.  The individuals are presenting to the doors of seniors with no proof or identification that they work for a specific carpet cleaning company or documentation that they represent a certain vacuum company.  These are clear warning signs that it might be a scam artist!  WSAZ news reported that they had received reports the individuals wanting to demonstrate carpet cleaning and/or a vacuum would not even have any equipment or information with them when they presented to the door.  There have been reports that the individuals have become somewhat aggressive and almost demanding that they be allowed to come in.  Please take notice of this Scam Alert and be very cautious when allowing strangers into your home, especially if they have no documentation that they work for or are a representative of a specific company.

Scam Targeting Seniors:  What Is Their Real Intention?

WSAZ news reported that once inside the house the individuals walk around as if evaluating the need for carpet cleaning or areas that they can demonstrate the effectiveness of the vacuum  they are allegedly trying to sell when, in fact, they are scanning the possessions in the household for valuables.  There has been reports of items missing upon the individuals leaving the house, but more reports have been made of robberies or break-ins occurring after the fact. 

Scam Targeting Seniors:  Be Aware of Possible Scams for Your Safety.

Medicare Pathways urges seniors to be cautious when allowing strangers into their home, regardless of the reason or purpose that an individual asserts they are there to do.   Do not be afraid to ask for proper identification to support what he or she states is their purpose for visiting you.  If you suspect a scam do not hesitate to report it t the proper authorities.  


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