A beautiful way to spend time doing outdoor activities is by going outside in the fresh summer air. Going out promotes socializing from a safe distance and encourages light exercise. The summer offers a handful of outdoor activities that you can do while practicing social distancing.

Gardening – Gardening is a beautiful outdoor activity that helps you to get some light exercise in, and it is one of the most popular outdoor activities! It is an excellent way for anyone to stay active while gaining flexibility and strength. This light aerobic activity is super easy to incorporate into your daily routine and is beneficial for your health both physically and mentally.

Walks – It is a great way to get some fresh air and see the sights the environment around you has to offer, and a great way to stay active is. Whether it be a quick stroll around the neighborhood or a long hike, walking helps to maintain cardio in ones’ lifestyle.

Bird Watching – Bird watching can be beneficial in calming the mind and allowing for reflection, even though it may be seen as a less exciting activity. It is an excellent activity for anyone who wishes to enjoy and connect with nature. It’s also very soothing and therapeutic.

Outdoor Theatre – Outdoor movie theatres are making their comeback this summer. Luckily for us, it is the perfect recipe for fun while practicing social distancing. Bring some snacks and enjoy the movie in your car.

Fruit Picking – Looking for a great way to spend the day out in some fresh air while partaking in mild exercise. Fruit picking would be perfect as long as you live in a more agricultural area. Small berry farms will surely sweeten you and your loved ones’ day. Plus, you get a sweet snack from your berry-picking efforts!

Picnic – A classic outdoor activity perfect for the sunny weather. Picnics are a great way to get some Vitamin D in our systems while enjoying either a simple sandwich with a healthy side or an extravagant and well-prepared meal. You can even arrange to play some card games like Rummy, Bridge, or Uno. Picnicking allows for a relaxing day in the park.

Photography – A comfortable and enjoyable activity, photography can be enjoyed at the moment as well as later on. So, grab a digital camera and capture some memories!