As you turn 65, your health demands the utmost priority.  However, Medicare alone can’t afford complete peace of mind for your health care needs. Medicare doesn’t pay 100% for covered health care services. These voids in Medicare services are filled by Medicare Supplemental Plans (also called Medigap policies). Medicare Supplemental Plans or Medigap are meant for Medicare beneficiaries to cover the difference between expenses covered by Medicare and the total amount charged.

What are Standardized Medicare Supplements?

Currently, there are 10 Medicare Supplement plans standardized by Federal Government. They are designated through A to N as A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Standardized means that Medicare Supplement Plans, of the same letter, offered by different companies have the same basic benefits.  The only difference is the cost or premium you pay.  However, choosing a reputable and reliable company is important as well.  A Medicare Pathways Benefit Advisor can help you decide which plan is best for you! Click here to Request a Quote!

Medicare supplement plans can personalize the benefits to a particular Medicare beneficiary and include costs like skilled nursing care, Medicare Part A deductible, Part B deductible, Part B excess charges, foreign travel, preventative services and overseas emergency services. These plans can also help a Medicare beneficiary in dealing with severe illness or pre-existing diseased condition. Few of the other benefits include

So, if you need constant medical care while living on a fixed monthly income, then a Medicare Supplement Plan is in your interest.

There are three types of Medicare Supplement plan ratings

1. Community or No-age rated

These Medicare supplements have same premium for all Medicare beneficiaries irrespective of age or sex.

2. Issue Age Rated

The premium of these Medicare Supplement plans is dependent on the age of Medicare beneficiary, while purchasing the policy. The premium is higher for high aged beneficiary and less for less aged beneficiary.

3. Attained Age Rated

The premium is also dependent on the age of beneficiary but the premium goes up every year with increasing age of the beneficiary.

Medicare Supplement Plans C, F and G

Medicare supplements can help you to pay the deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances left by Medicare . It also provides for an extra year service after the termination of Medicare benefits. 

  • Medicare Supplement Plan C has some extra benefits like skilled nurse care, emergency care in overseas and many more.
  • Medicare Supplement Plan F provides the most coverage
  • Medicare Supplement Plan G provides basic coverage and deductible benefits. It’s affordable and also includes medical benefits overseas.

Medicare Supplement Plans K,L,M and N

  • Medigap Plan K has an extra year benefit, additional 50% coverage of hospice, cost sharing, deductible benefits and many more.
  • Medigap Part L is exactly like Plan K, instead it provides with 75%. These Supplement Plans are best while looking for low premium Medigap insurance. 
  • Medigap Plan M and N provides basic coverage with low premiums and numerous benefits.


Choosing the perfect plan can be overwhelming. Our Benefit Advisors are here to review your individual situation and give you a professional recommendation.  Click here for a quote!  We would be please to serve you anytime.


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