February 14th is the last day of the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP).  The purpose of the MADP is to give members currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan an opportunity to return to Original Medicare if they are dissatisfied with their current plan selection.

Members will have the opportunity to enroll into a Medicare Supplement plan (permitted they pass underwriting) if they chose to.  If you are currently enrolled in a MAPD, they will also be allowed to select a stand-alone Part D plan.  The effective date for any enrollments submitted today and tomorrow will be March 1.

Please make sure that you reach out to Medicare Pathways, Inc. (1-866-466-9118) if you have a desire to use the MADP and return to Original Medicare.  Tomorrow will be the last day you can disenroll from a Medicare Advantage plan before they enter the lock-in period.

Below is a brief description of what members can do during the MADP:

Currently   Enrolled In:



May choose to disenroll from their   MAPD and enroll in a stand-alone Part D Plan (PDP). Members of MAPD plans who   enroll in a standalone PDP plan will be automatically disenrolled from their   MA-PD plan and will not have the option to enroll in another MA plan.

MA Only

Members may disenroll from their   MA-only plan.

They will receive a Special   Election Period (SEP) to enroll in a standalone PDP.

MA Only with Standalone PDP

Members may request disenrollment   from their MA plan. Members may not make a change to their standalone PDP.

PDP Only

Members may not make a change to   their PDP or enroll in a separate MA plan

Original Medicare

People with Medicare have no options   under the MADP


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