Do you think you’ve experienced the happiest years of your life? Medicare Pathways wants to share some good news with you; the best is yet to come!

According to new research, we’re happiest at two points in our lives, not just one. Researchers at the London School of Economics and Political Science asked 23,000 German volunteers aged 17 to 85 to rate their life satisfaction. The participants predicted how happy they would feel in five years and after five years’ time, they reported back how they actually felt.

Their results were anything but negative! In fact, the study found that happiness tends to follow a U-shaped curve over an individual’s lifetime, with satisfaction reaching high levels during the extremes of the study’s age range and swinging down with middle age. Plus, the researchers noted the two most important years when happiness peaks: ages 23 and 69!

In our early 20s, we’re energetic and excited about the changes that come along with young age: new careers, travel, and new people! By the time we reach our 60s and 70s, we’ve likely retired and can now find the time (and money) to book a flight or a cruise on a moment’s notice!

The dipĀ in middle age is also pretty logical. After all, your 40s are a busy time filled with raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder, and life in general. However, you can still boost your happiness during these busy times. Experts recommend prioritizing small yet rewarding tasks like taking a walk or spending time with family. Just remember, now you have one more reason to look forward to getting older: a boost in happiness!

Do you have questions about how to make yourself a happier person? Excercise is a great way to increase your well-being. Did you know that many Medicare Supplements offer gym membership discounts? Learn more by contacting a representative at Medicare Pathways! Call us today at 866-466-9118.