There are many reasons active and healthy people may not be able to be out and about in their communities. With the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus, many areas are modifying their “Stay at Home” orders to be “Safer at Home” orders. We’ve collected some fun indoor activities and hobbies to ensure you and your family are “safer at home.” • Online Entertainment is a great way you can find something fun, entertaining, and stimulating to occupy yourself for hours. Being online opens up so many options you can do online that might help you never feel bored or alone. Some great low to no-cost online entertainment tools include: 

  • Social Media can be a source of entertainment for anyone. Facebook allows you to make new friends, connect with old friends, participate in an existing group, or start your own Facebook group. You can follow and like your favorite sports teams, celebrities, &, etc. You can also use Facebook and Instagram direct message and voice chat features to stay connected to friends and family. Both video chat tools are no-cost to you.
  • Hop onto your computer and visit the AARP Game page if you like to play games. You will be able to play word and card games, Mahjongg, Arcade games, and brain games. Another great no-cost game page is Pogo – famous for “Word Riot” and Scrabble games.
  • Take up blogging to keep track of all acquired knowledge, memories, and thoughts that you can bring to life and share with others. For as little as $4 a month, you can host and start your blog at To begin, select “Get Started,” and choose the design and layout you want for your site. Afterward, follow the steps to create an account, and you will be ready to start sharing your very own stories. Create a blog writing book reviews, movie reviews, travel stories, or just a virtual diary you want to share with friends and family!
  • Watch Comedy Classics Channel on YouTube; it can provide hours of reminiscing and laughter. YouTube has videos ranging from old cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and comedic classics such as  The Three Stooges. Comedy Central Stand-Up will provide tons of entertainment for those who love stand-up comedy.
  • Pen Pals is an excellent way for you to learn about other cultures, ways of life, and people. While the traditional Snail mail pen paling is still very popular, communicating online has taken pen pals to a brand new level. A website called Global Penfriends is designed to facilitate online as well as more traditional pen pal relationships.
  • Being confined to your home can make getting enough physical exercise a challenge. Gentle chair yoga on YouTube is a great exercise to do daily, and it’s only a 30-minute routine.  If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, there are additional companies who’ve added free sessions and recordings for fitness that you can use daily. Exercise is an important part of our mental health, but it also supports the immune system helping you fight off common colds.
  • MasterClass allows you to continue to learn by watching any lesson at any time with no limitations for $15 per month or $180 per year. However, Khan Academy offers less costly necessary school skills. You can access the free online courses by signing up. In addition to Khan Academy, there are other resources such as (owned by LinkedIn), and Alison courses. Have you wanted to learn how to be a culinary expert? Maybe you’ve wanted to learn how to knit, crochet, or meditate? There are unlimited resources available to ensure you do the thing you’ve been putting off, and cross “it” off of your to-do list.
  • Spend some time researching your family tree using allows you to track down and piece together your family history with a 14-day free trial. If you haven’t submitted your DNA – you can order a kit from Ancestry or on Kits produce results in about 4 weeks; and with your DNA, Ancestry will match you to relatives with similar DNA strands and family trees. Remember your third cousin, Roger? You may find him on Ancestry!
  • Staying current on the news is essential. While drinking your morning tea or coffee, add reading the newspaper a part of your daily routine. Daily News will keep you current on happenings and events in your community. Many local news stations have created a smart-phone and tablet app! You can stream the local news live, or catch up on their website with articles.
  • For those who have a green thumb and can’t get out into the yard, consider planting an indoor garden full of herbs. Plant the herbs in small pots with loose soil and place them in a location where they can at least get three hours of sunlight each day. Now that May has arrived, you could even get started in the back yard.
  • Create a family cookbook with all of the old family recipes. You can decorate a three-ring binder, organize all of the recipes, and share it with your kids and grandkids. If you’ve had decades of recipes handed down from previous generations – it was probably by word of mouth. Take time to sit down and write them down – there is nothing more precious than cooking the classic family comfort food.

For more tips and tricks on staying home and healthy, give Medicare Pathways a call. We’re not just insurance agents, we’re your pathway to living a happy, healthier life.