A complete visit with a provider using a telephone or video technology that uses audio and video communication is known as a telehealth visit. Original Medicare will cover some telehealth benefits like professional consultations, office visits such as psychiatry services, and other services.

These limited situations include:

  • You live in a rural area and travel from home to a local medical facility to receive telehealth services.
  • You require telehealth services for behavioral conditions, including substance abuse. You have the option of accessing these services at home or a medical facility.
  • You need a telehealth service to diagnose, evaluate, or treat acute stroke symptoms. You have the option of accessing this from your home or a medical facility.

Medicare Advantage plans cover all of the telehealth benefits covered by Original Medicare, and often more than that. Additional telehealth benefits may be available if you live outside of a rural area and might be covered in your home. Contact your Medicare Advantage plan provider to learn about any costs and coverage rules for these additional telehealth benefits.

Note: Since the coronavirus pandemic, Medicare has expanded coverage and access to telehealth benefits.

For more help understanding what is and is not covered under your Medicare coverage in terms of telehealth services, contact Medicare Pathways! Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.