Medicare Pathways specializes in providing unbiased comparisons of Medicare Health Plans to our customers. The process of trying to compare Medicare Health Plan options for most people turning 65 or older is often confusing, and most of the time you cannot get anywhere near the amount of information you need on quoting engines online.

We can change the research and comparison process by providing precise and clear information in a simple matter.

Most people over 65 have Original Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) to cover the bulk of their healthcare costs. However, Medicare does not pay 100% of your Medicare-approved expenses, nor does it cover all of your medication costs.

Medicare Pathways is here to review all of your options:

• Compare Medicare Supplement plans, if you decide to stay with Original Medicare Part A & Part B
• Compare Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans, if you choose to switch from Original Medicare Part A & Part B
• Compare Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans, if you decide to pick up stand-alone prescription drug coverage

We provide a no-cost review of your current Medicare health plan, addressing any financial or medical concerns you may have, to ensure you have the right plan for the right price.

If you are interested in reviewing your current Medicare health plan and would like to know more about all of your options; including Medigap policies, Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans, and more about Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans, please contact a licensed sales agent at Medicare Pathways.

We can make an appointment, at your convenience, to discuss your options. If you are interested in finding cover for dental, vision, hearing, or final expense insurance; we also provide affordable options and no-cost quoting.

Contact us today at 866-466-9118 to speak with your Medicare advocate.