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Want to work after retirement age? Plan ahead.

Want to work after retirement age? Plan ahead. Many people plan to work past average retirement age, by choice or by necessity. However, most people aren’t taking the steps that could increase the odds they’ll be able to do so. When asked what people are doing to...

What are the early signs of dementia?

There are 10 typical early signs of dementia. For a person to receive a diagnosis of dementia, they would usually exhibit two or more of these symptoms, and the symptoms would be severe enough to interfere with their daily life.

Is high blood pressure always bad?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a risk factor for several health conditions, including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other metabolic issues. However, is high blood pressure always a cause for concern?

4 Foods to Avoid if You Want to Age Slower

Nutrition is the key way to look good inside and out. Food is essential to life, but what kind of food makes you look lifeless? Below are some foods you should avoid if you are trying to look and feel younger. Candy and/or Candy Bars Candy bars are comforting, sweet,...

Caregiver Tips: Defeating Falls

Nothing is scarier to a caregiver of a loved one than to watch them fall and feeling helpless. Rushing to their side and hoping they are not injured is all we can do in the moment. 1 in 4 people over 65 falls each year. Falls for older adults means more injury (such...

Why Vitamin D Boosts Your Health

Health Benefits of Vitamin D Vitamin D, also known as the "vitamin of sunshine," is an extremely important nutrient that contributes to your overall health and wellness. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, which ultimately leads to health benefits and improves...