Be Aware of Illegal Medicare Insurance Sales Tactics!  Medicare Pathways want to make sure you are aware of illegal insurance practices with regard to Medicare insurance.  The following is a list of things you should be aware of because an agent cannot legally do or perform any of the following with regard to Medicare insurance sales:

Illegal Medicare Insurance Sales Tactics

  • Pressure you into buying a Medicare Supplement (“also known as “Medigap”) policy, or lie to or mislead you to switch from one company or policy to another.
  • Sell you a second Medicare Supplement policy when they know that you already have one, unless you tell the insurance company in writing that you plan to cancel your existing Medicare Supplement policy.
  • Sell you a Medicare Supplement policy if they know you have Medicaid, except in certain situations.
  • Sell you a Medicare Supplement policy if they know you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO, PPO, or Private Fee‑for‑Service Plan) unless your coverage under the Medicare Advantage Plan will end before the effective date of the Medicare Supplement policy.
  • Claim that a Medicare Supplement policy is part of the Medicare Program or any other Federal program. Medicare Supplement is private health insurance.
  • Claim that a Medicare Advantage Plan is a Medicare Supplement policy.
  • Sell you a Medicare Supplement policy that cannot legally be sold in your state. Check with your State Insurance Department to make sure that the Medicare Supplement policy you are interested in can be sold in your state.
  • Claim to be a Medicare representative if they work for a Medicare Supplement insurance company.
  • Sell you a Medicare Advantage Plan when you say you want to stay in original Medicare and buy a Medicare Supplement policy. A Medicare Advantage Plan is not the same as original Medicare. If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you cannot use a Medicare Supplement policy.

How Can I Report Illegal Medicare Insurance Sales Tactics?

If you believe that a Federal law has been broken, call the Inspector General’s hotline.  You can also report any illegal practices to your State Insurance Department.

Protect yourself by being aware of any and all illegal Medicare insurance sales tactics!  Do not hesitate to report what you believe is illegal practices.  Medicare Pathways Benefit Advisors are highly trained agents and are aware of what is illegal and the repercussions of illegal sells tactics or activities.  Each Benefit Advisors is required to undergo strict compliance training and must pass the mandatory tests required by the Federal government before they can begin transacting insurance.  Rest assured a Medicare Pathways Benefit Advisor will not conduct themselves in any illegal practices and will work with you to ensure that you are purchasing the Medicare insurance that best fits your needs, and is the Medicare insurance plan that you want.

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