Insurance Agent Resource Center

How to Request a Contract

To request a new contract or to add a state license to a contract, you may do so by completing the contract request form by clicking below. If you are requesting a new contract, once approved, you will be contacted by Nicole Varner, or the insurance company with instructions on how to complete your contract. You must complete the contract yourself – if you should run into any issues with your contract, or have questions on how to complete this, please contact Your Supervisor.

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How to Complete MAPD Certifications

You must complete your AHIP annual certification as well as your annual carrier requirements. Each carrier provides their unique training and requirements to become complaint and Ready to Sell (RTS) for the upcoming selling season. Please keep in mind, once you complete training for the upcoming selling season, this will also complete your readiness status for the current plan year. For example, completing the 2022 MAPD Certifications will ensure you’re ready to sell 2022 plans but also activate your 2021 plan selling permissions. It’s also important to note that there may be a delay in any reporting reflecting your completion of certifications. This delay will impact your visibility on enrollment opportunities in Sunfire Blaze.

Click here to download User Guides for Certification

How to Run Quotes & Complete Enrollments

Please register on for an account with MedicareCENTER. You will use Med SUPP in MedicareCENTER to run quotes on Medicare Supplements, Final Expense, Dental, Vision & Hearing plans, and Hospital Indemnity. To complete the enrollment, you will need to access the carrier’s portal. Sunfire Blaze will be used for enrolling Medicare Advantage, MAPD, and stand-alone PDP plans because it has the embedded and required script for compliant MA enrollments. Do not use the MedADV enrollment resources in MedicareCENTER.

Click here to login to Sunfire Blaze
Username: your email address; Password format: X+#+NPN+First three letters of your last name; 
For example:  X#16745425Adk)

Click here to login to MedicareCENTER
Username: NPN, Password: Your decision

How to Request Marketing

If you need a marketing piece for an invitation, business cards, or a presentation – please submit your official request here. In many cases, this piece is submitted for a review then sent to development. After it has been developed it must also go through an official Compliance review. Once approved by compliance, you will receive an update. You can also reach out to your Supervisor for additional questions.

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Customer Service Resolution Request

If you experience an issue that needs to be expedited for immediate resolution, please submit that request below.

Click here for an immediate escalation ticket submission.