Do you have dentures?

Do you think you need dentures?

According to Scott Frey, Board Certified Orthodontist at Frey Smiles, approximately 20 million people in America have dentures and 57% of Americans who are in the age range of 65 to 74 wear some form of dentures. If you have always felt like you do not need dentures, you are not alone. In a survey done by, nearly 60% of respondents said that they do not expect to need dentures because they claim to take good care of their teeth.

While tooth loss does not happen overnight, there are a few signs that dentures could be in your future. lists out eight reasons you might be on track to get dentures.

    1. You skip out on regularly scheduled dentist appointments. – While health experts suggest we visit our dentist every six months, a survey done by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in 2009 concluded that only 43% of Americans visited a dentist in the last year. “We recommend a semi-annual visit to your dentist because when the problems are small, they are easily corrected,” says Leila Jahangiri, associate professor and chair of the department of prosthodontics at New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Jahangiri also says that once cavities and periodontal problems advance, your teeth may need to be extracted, which could then lead to dentures.
    2. You are showing signs of gum disease. – Gum inflammation symptoms are atypical signs of gum disease. Gum disease does not always mean that you are destined for dentures. While in its early stages, it can be controlled and cured – sometimes by just getting teeth cleaning. If left untreated, however, gum disease can progress to tooth loss.
    3. Your teeth spacing is opening. – If your teeth start to shift (i.e. gaps are appearing, becoming loose) this could be a sign of periodontal or gum disease. According to Dr. Leila Jahangiri, “Periodontal or gum disease is what we call a silent killer because you cannot see it, so it can progress heavily without your knowing it.”
    4. You are experiencing toothaches. – Severe pain can be a major sign that tooth decay has progressed so extensively that it is attacking the nerve that is in the center of the tooth. If it is caught soon enough, it can be filled with a filling.
    5. You already have some teeth missing. – If you are already missing a few teeth, get a hold of your dentist as soon as possible! The pressure on the remaining teeth expands, causing them to do more work, then leading to those teeth also falling out.
    6. You are experiencing issues eating different foods. – Whether it be hard or chewy, if you are experiencing difficulty eating certain foods, it could be caused by a cracked tooth.
    7. Indigestion – If you are experiencing a recurring stomach ache or indigestion, your teeth could be the issue. If you cannot chew your food properly, then you could end up swallowing bigger pieces of food, which causes issues with your stomach.
    8. You do not like your smile – Sometimes people choose dentures for an aesthetic choice and not so much for health reasons. There are other options when It comes down to this, such as veneers and braces.

Original Medicare does not cover the dentures or any routine dental care – including cleanings and check-ups. Fortunately, we at Medicare Pathways can help! We can tell you exactly what your plan covers and give you advice on what Medicare Supplements that could be beneficial to you. Give us a call today at 866-466-9118. By contacting that number, you will be connected with a licensed insurance agent.