Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes? You are not alone. In fact, diabetes affects more than 29 million people a year. Individuals get diabetes when their blood glucose level, sometimes referred as blood sugar, is too high. There are multiple Medicare Health Plan options to make sure you can pass through underwriting and provide coverage assistance for certain treatments and medications.

The CDC defines diabetes as a condition in which the body does not properly process food to use as energy. Two different types of diabetes can happen to any individual at any age, type 1 and type 2.Type 1 occurs when the body makes little to no insulin and occurs most often in children and young adults. Type 2 transpires through multiple factors – obesity, older age, family history of diabetes and physical inactivity can all contribute to the disease. Diabetes can cause severe health complications including heart attack or stroke.

Keeping diabetes under control is the key to living with the disease. Taking it seriously, making healthier food choices, keeping a healthy weight and along with staying physically active are vital when living with diabetes. If type two is not well managed, health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, blindness and nerve damage can happen.

The CDC suggests the following tips for living a healthy life when living with diabetes:

  1. Eat right; eat smaller portions and find out how many servings you need in a meal.
  2. Be active; physical activity can help control your weight, blood pressure and blood glucose.
  3. Be prepared; in the event of a natural disaster, it is vital to identify yourself as a person with diabetes s you can obtain the right care.
  4. Prevent complications; getting your screening tests helps you keep everything under control.
  5. Stat well during flu season; individuals with diabetes are three times more likely to be hospitalized from the flu. Make sure you get a flu shot!
  6. Stay healthy; take your medications as directed.
  7. Sick days; If you get sick, your blood sugar levels can be hard to control. Ask your doctor or health care provider about how to handle sick days before you become ill.

Original Medicare Part B covers some diabetic materials. Blood sugar test strips, blood glucose monitors, lancet devices and lancets are all under Medicare Part B. Glucose control solutions for checking the accurateness of the test strips and monitors, and medically necessary insulin pump and insulin fall under Medicare Part B as well.

If you have questions and need a review of your current plan, need to be enrolled in a health plan that better fits your medical and financial needs to help with the treatment of diabetes. At Medicare Pathways, we can help you discover what other ways a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan can help. We will review your plan to make sure that you get covered. For more information and for information on all things Medicare, give us a call at 866-466-9118. By contacting that number, you will be connected with a licensed insurance agent.