Nutrition is the key way to look good inside and out. Food is essential to life, but what kind of food makes you look lifeless? Below are some foods you should avoid if you are trying to look and feel younger.

Candy and/or Candy Bars

Candy bars are comforting, sweet, and so incredibly tasty, but extremely high in sugar and calories. Eating candy bars and candy on a daily basis will begin to break now the collagen and elastin in your skin. Sugar has a chemical in it called glycation. Glycation will attach to elastin and collagen, and as it builds over time, it will begin to make the skin wrinkle.


Have you ever noticed that the morning after a night of having a few too many drinks you feel and look terrible? Welcome to the effects of alcohol. The reason your skin may look colorless or sallow is simple: alcohol is hard on the liver, and when you have too much alcohol the liver has a hard time processing it. Over time, if you continue to use alcohol consistently, it can cause various health problems which will age you immensely. To keep your skin vibrant and youthful, consider avoiding alcohol. Alcohol can cause acne, wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging.

Salty Foods

Sodium helps things to stay dry. It is used in food to help preserve their shelf life and eliminate moisture. When you think about salt and preservatives, it makes you wonder what happens inside of your body. Salt will suck a lot of moisture out of your skin making it very dry. Also, a lot of foods high in sodium are bad for cardiovascular health and cholesterol.


Caffeine has been known to dehydrate the skin. If you drink more than a few cups of coffee, it’s imperative to drink even more water than recommended. Although drinking more water will counteract the effects of caffeine, it is better to stay hydrated while drinking it. If you are dehydrated while drinking caffeine, you could feel anxious, nauseous, and even get headaches.

Just like everything else, the key to enjoying candy bars and caffeine is in moderation. You don’t have to completely give up these foods to appear youthful. It is just better to consume these things in moderation rather than on a daily basis. If you do consume them daily, it is highly recommended that you watch how much you take in. If you eat or drink a lot of these items, then you will begin to see and feel the negative effects of them. Staying hydrated, healthy, and happy will keep you looking younger and feeling good!