The 2013 Medicare Benefit Changes Have Started

The following is a simple list of increases with regard to the 2013 Medicare benefit changes and the amount Medicare beneficiaries will be responsible for paying out-of-pocket for Medicare approved treatment and/or services under original Medicare Part A and Part B. This list has been simplified for ease of reference so each increase in out-of-pocket costs can be easily identified. This list only provides reference only to areas of original Medicare that have increased costs for the Medicare beneficiary in 2013, unless otherwise indicated.

2013 Medicare Benefit Changes

  • Part A premium: Provided at no cost to the Medicare beneficiary if he or she, or their spouse, has worked ten years in the United States. However, if the Medicare beneficiary has not worked ten years then the premium can be as high as $441.00. Higher income consumers may pay more.
  • Part B premium: $104.90 per month.
  • Part A deductible: $1,184.00 for each benefit period.
  • Part B deductible: $147.00 per year.

With regard to 2013 Medicare Benefit Changes for inpatient hospitalization the Medicare beneficiary will pay the following:

  • Days 1–60: $1,184.00 deductible for each benefit period in 2013.
  • Days 61–90: $296.00 coinsurance per day of each benefit in 2013.
  • Days 91 and beyond: $592.00 coinsurance per each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 for each benefit period (up to 60 days over your lifetime) in 2013.
  • Beyond lifetime reserve days: all costs (no change from 2012).

The same cost for inpatient hospitalization applies for mental hospital health inpatient in 2013.

With regard 2013 Medicare Benefit Changes to Skilled Nursing Facility (also known as “SNF”) the Medicare beneficiary will pay the following:

  • $0 for the first 20 days each benefit period (no change from 2012).
  • $148.00 per day for days 21-100 each benefit period in 2013.
  • All costs for each day after day 100 in a benefit period (no change from 2012).

Medicare Pathways has prepared the above-referenced 2013 Medicare Benefit Changes list for ease of reference so each Medicare beneficiary can easily identify changes to the costs associated with their original Medicare Part A and Part B. It is clear that original Medicare is not complete coverage just by glancing at the out-of-pocket costs identified herein. This list is not a complete list of treatment and/or services covered by original Medicare but is simply provided for informational purposes regarding the increases in out-of-pocket costs in 2013. Medicare Pathways reminds you that by purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan, Medicare Advantage plan and/or a Prescription Drug Plan can assist with the out-of-pocket costs original Medicare leaves the Medicare beneficiary responsible for paying. Contact Medicare Pathways today and speak with a Benefit Specialist to discuss plan options and plan availability in your area and to determine if you are eligible to enroll into a Medicare insurance plan, or change the type of Medicare insurance plan you may currently have in force. Never assume you cannot change or you have the most appropriate or most affordable plan in your area without reviewing all options available to you.


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