While most gyms are closed due to the coronavirus quarantine, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Doing workouts from home has become the topic of discussion in recent months. The ability to have access to fitness training programs online has opened up many possibilities for people unable to visit gyms during the pandemic. Within just a few months, numerous online workout options have become available and allow you to work out according to your schedule Many classes are free or are currently offering extended free trials. While on Facebook, you may even check out a locally owned and operated gym – several gyms are now offering Facebook Live gym classes at no-cost, or by donation methods of payment.

  1. Planet Fitness – The gym is offering workouts called “Home Work-Ins.” These workout routines are generally about 20-minutes long and happen daily via Facebook Live. The workout sessions are led by “The Biggest Loser” Trainer Erica Lugo, and also features special guest athletes, trainers, and other various celebrities.  These are great for combating stress while providing inspiration and motivation to keep you physically and mentally fit. The work-ins will not require equipment. They will be led by certified trainers and even some surprise celebrity guests. The Home Work-Ins offer a variety of exercises that anyone can do.
  2. YMCA360 – YMCA360 is offering several free videos through YouTube. The videos cover workouts from yoga, activities for older adults, boot camp, and basic fitness. You can click here to access their channel and video their playlist now.
  3. Blink Fitness – The fitness chain known asBlink Fitness is providing you with tips on how to stay motivated, and they are answering any fitness questions you have. You can access this through their workout sessions via Facebook Live at 8:00 AM Monday through Friday. They also offer additional support and tools such as the new Blink app that features 500+ classes, customizable workouts, tips, and recipes to access at any time.
  4. AARMY – Do you want a committed community to join for workouts? AARMY’s free live Instagram videos might be the solution for you. They post the schedule for the day’s lineup on their Instagram page, so you never miss the session you’ve been looking forward to. The gyms’ classes cover mainly boot camp and cycling. They also offer a daily abs challenge and end the day with an inspiration class. These sessions are great for training your body in endurance, power, energy, strength, and agility.
  5. DailyBurn – Do you consider yourself a beginner at exercise? DailyBurn aims their workouts at beginners, and each one offers modifications for any age. Usually, a membership with the gym would get you access to a live full-body workout that is 30-minutes each day of the week. The gym is now offering access to every past DailyBurn 365 live video, and their library of workouts (including dance, cardio, yoga, Pilates, and more). Your membership includes 24/7 support from the DailyBurn community. The gym is offering a free 60-day trial during Covid-19, then $20 a month.
  6. Nike Training – Nike is offering its Nike Training App premium access to all completely free of charge. Membership to this app is usually $15 a month or $120 a year. The app includes access to 185+ free workouts that are led by top Nike trainers. You will also have access to individual exercises that you can download for later or watch now. The workout videos range from beginner to advanced in difficulty and range from 15 to 60 minutes in time. The workout content ranges from cardio to yoga, to strength training, to HIIT, and more.
  7. OpenFit – Why not try some new workout classes and concepts with trainers you might not have access to otherwise during this time? OpenFit’s platform gives you live fitness classes with some top trainers in the exercise field with a 14-day free trial, then $10 a month or $96 a year. They have six programs, including Touh Mudder, Yoga2, XtendBarre, and T-Minus 30, to name a few — most have 10 to 50 workouts in the program.
  8. Gold’s Gym – This gym is offering free digital fitness options with tons of options that range from HIIT, bodyweight, and more. There are also workouts on there for older active adults.
  9. Rumble – What would typically cost you $36 for one class is being offered for free via Instagram in the comfort of your living room so that you can work out with some of the most sought after fitness instructors. Rumble is now offering at-home bodyweight workouts each week. They post the daily live workout schedule on Instagram, so you can tune in and train with them. Most of the workouts only require your body weight.
  10. Barry’s IGTV At-Home Workouts – This country-wide studio, known for its boot camp style classes, has quickly adapted to the new “stay home” reality and is bringing their familiar trainer’s faces into your living rooms. A class that would typically cost you $28-$38 is now free. The classes offer pair treadmill intervals traditionally with strength circuit floor work. You can access these classes on their website and Instagram. The studio posts their daily schedules of the classes being offered each day. While they offer the option to include simple workout equipment like resistance bands, all are bodyweight workouts.

Now that you’re equipped with some amazing online fitness classes and workouts ranging from yoga, boot camp style, weight and strength training, and much more – you don’t have to throw away the routine you created prior to COVID-19. As gyms open up, you may find you’re ready to get back and start using some of the new tricks you’ve learned from online classes.

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