Will my Medicare Supplement premiums increase?

What is a High-Deductible Plan F?

Can I change my Medicare Supplement Insurance plan?

What are cost-sharing plans?

What is long-term care insurance?

Does Medicare cover dental, vision, and hearing?

Can I get a Medicare Supplement if I have a pre-existing condition?



I Have Retiree Insurance; Do I Need to Sign Up for Medicare at Age 65?

First, you should know that you as a retiree, you are eligible for Medicare as established under the rules guiding eligibility for the program. In fact, citizens are automatically enrolled into Part A of Medicare when they turn 65. Medicare and Retiree Insurance...
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What Is the Penalty for Not Signing up for Medicare?

Signing up for Original Medicare is a voluntary decision but doing so is usually advisable based on the numerous advantages you will enjoy as a beneficiary and people who enroll after their initial date of eligibility are often penalized. When to apply for Medicare It...
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Switching from Medigap Plan F

I've been paying high premiums for my Medicare Supplement Plan F. Can I switch to another policy to save money? Medicare Supplement Plan F, also known as Medigap Plan F, is currently one of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. However, due to the large number...
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Switching from One Medicare Advantage Plan to Another

The doctor I want to use isn't covered in my Medicare Advantage Plan. When can I switch to a different plan? There are times that the doctor you want to use may not be covered in your Medicare Advantage plan. There are few different options should you find yourself in...
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Are You Paying Too Much for Medications?

My doctor prescribed a prescription drug and even with my Part D coverage, I have to pay a lot of the cost out-of-pocket. What can I do to pay less? First, talk to your doctor about possibly using a generic drug or a “therapeutic alternative” that costs less under...
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